DaveG (digitalranger) wrote in mozthunderbird,

PalmSync extension

I just upgraded to TB today.

I haven't tried using the PalmSync XPI for a while as I'd had some troubles with it, and it was always a pain to get re-installed.

However, I downloaded a version of it intended for TB1.5 this evening. It installed without complaint, and it worked straight away.

I had been synchronising my TB address book with my mobile phone via "Mobile Master" (for which I had two profiles. For one Palm Desktop would overwrite my phone, then another profile where my phone would overwrite TB-AB). However, I had some problems with that which I couldn't fix this evening, which culminated in me wiping my TB-AB clear, and not being able to re-fill it from my mobile phone.

However, as I said, I installed the PalmSync xpi smoothly, and then set it with HotSync Manager for my Palm to overwrite my desktop, and now I have a full upto date TB AB!

Has anyone had the same experience, are there any problems/issues I should be looking out for?
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