Shiver Bunny (anditron) wrote in mozthunderbird,
Shiver Bunny

Firefox & Thunderbird problems

I've had my new work computer, a Macbook Pro 15" running 10.4.6 for about a month now and I've noticed a few rather annoying problems with Firefox and Thunderbird.

Additional note, I have a logitech trackball mouse (4 button) and none of the following problems occured for me on my previous computer which was a G4 running 10.3.9

*Firefox no longer does the nice little control right click on a word to get the correct spelling, or to pull up any of the dictionary info that it does in other browsers and programs.

*Right Click long hold in certain places in Firefox will come up randomly and also when I'm at a dropdown menu and won't go away until I make a choice. The option box I'm referring to is the one that has Back, Reload, Select All, etc (I'm sure I'm using the wrong word for it). It won't even go away even if I click to a different program, another tab, my desktop, nothing. It will only go away if I make a selection in that option box. I usually choose select all to get rid of it then click the page to deselect after the option box has gone away.

*Copy/Paste Crash BOOM! This is probably the most annoying problem of them all. If I copy text from a page in Firefox and try to paste it into Thunderbird, then Thunderbird crashes and gives me a report error, reopen, close box. I've had this happen everytime I've tried to copy paste. Frustratingly, it's happened in the middle of some important emails.

Anybody else experience this problem? Is there a fix that I don't know about? Anything I should try to correct the problem? I didn't have any plugins on Firefox at all and just recently added a couple, but these problems occured from the very first install and update (I think I did an update on FF and TB). Where do you recommend I dig around to find a fix to these problems?

Thanks so much for your help!

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