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Question about Thunderbird

I am a long time Eudora user. However, I've been toying with the idea of switching. (I do this periodically, but I've yet to find any that I like as well as Eudora.) The Bat! is my first choice (The only one that I think looks sufficiently better than Eudora for my purposes), but it's commercial and I don't have that kind of money. So, as a Firefox user, Thunderbird comes to mind as a logical choice.

Now, I tried it once before, about a year ago, and while I liked the user interface at first glance, appearing very Eudora-like, I fled in horror when I found that every message opened up in a new window rather than in it's own tab. For a person like me who often has more than one folder and message open at a time, this quickly becomes a horror indeed...

So the question is a two parter. One, does Thunderbird still behave in this manner, with a new window opening up for each? Two, if so is there a theme or extension that will change that?
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